staying present in motion.

9 06 2010

Area Director, Sarah Kinsel shares about the JVC Northwest Retreat Program:

“Cascades, Big Sky, Alaska.  These are the evocative names for our three retreat regions, subgroups of four to eight communities who have gathered together three times over the course of the year for fellowship and reflection on the four values.  Right now, the Big Sky JVs are bidding each other farewells and safe travels, while the Alaska and Cascades volunteers are packing up for their respective journeys to retreat this coming weekend.  It is transition time at JVC Northwest; these retreats are the last time Area Directors and JVs will be together.  It seems fitting during the busy summer season of coming and going, planning and playing, that our focus is on Ignatian spirituality and ethical reflection.  We will take space to breathe, reflect,  and relax together.  We will ask, what do I celebrate? What do I grieve?  What am I taking away from this year, and what will I leave behind?  How do we stay present while in motion?  Also, and just as importantly, we look forward to naps and pick-up soccer games, to long walks and laughter and eating each others’ lovingly prepared meals in funky lodge dining rooms, surrounded by the beauty of the Northwest.”




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30 06 2010

Aww, makes me sentimental!

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