on wandering.

8 03 2011

Jillian Glasgow, Area Director for Hillsboro, OR and Yakima, WA, shares a poem:

Wanderer, your footsteps are

the way, and nothing more;

wanderer there is no way,

the way is made by walking.

By walking one makes the way,

and looking behind

one sees the path that never will be traveled again.

Wanderer there is no way,

only trails upon the sea.

“I was recently gifted with this poem by Spanish poet Antonio Machado.  I was struck by Machado’s image of a path on the sea, an ever shifting body, where trails are not possible.  You cannot follow in the path of another.  I think sometimes that when you work for justice you wonder if you are “doing it right”.  Are you working hard enough?  Giving enough money?  Loving enough?  These are all great questions, but we can never expect to find a concrete answer.  It feels good to be reminded that there is no one way on our paths in this life.”




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