find yourself by serving others.

18 10 2011

Elizabeth Skurdahl, Development Coordinator at JVC Northwest, shares the following:

“I’m pretty new to JVC Northwest – I just began working here in August. So I am still often asked by my friends and family about what drew me to my position here. My response can really be summed up by the well-known line of Mohandas Ghandi:

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Working at JVC Northwest has put me on the path to finding myself. The passion for social justice, the commitment to ecological sustainability, and the genuine, heartfelt dedication to those who are most vulnerable in society make JVC Northwest a truly unique organization. It is this passion that makes me excited to come to work each morning. I am inspired daily by the generosity and enthusiasm of the JVs, and I aspire to lose myself in the service of others the way they so wholeheartedly do.

I encourage you, too, to lose yourself in service. You may be surprised as to what you can find when you do.”




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