rooted in the radical

24 07 2012

Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest is pleased to announce the theme for our Jesuit Volunteer Orientation 2012:

Rooted in the Radical

Designed by 2011-2012 Portland Mac House JV, Maggie Wright

Why did we choose this?  First, let’s start with some definitions of and context for the word radical:

•  Radical: of or going to the root of origin; fundamental

•  Radical: from Latin radicalis “of roots” and from Latin radix “root”

•  Radical Christianity: entailing a radical re-orientation towards the root truths of Christian discipleship through personal reflection and action

Underneath its common understanding of moving toward the extremes, the word radical, at its core, means coming back to our roots.  It’s examining the underlying causes of injustice.  It’s an invitation to delve deeper.  It’s bringing us back to the heart of what grounds us in what we do every single day.

We’re excited to explore and delve into this theme together, both at Orientation and throughout the year! Stay tuned to throughout Orientaiton 2012 (August 6-11) for updates on the latest from Camp Adams.




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28 08 2012
asking questions « JVC Northwest Live

[…] examples of thoughtful questions related to the four values of JVC Northwest. With the theme, “Rooted in the Radical”for this JV year, JVs (and FJVs and friends) are encouraged to ask meaningful questions to get […]

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